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With our Bellies, Babies and Beyond program, you can get everything you need to look and feel your best during and after your pregnancy – including unique items you might not find anywhere else.

We focus on products that help you fall in love with maternity, carrying a treasure trove of nursing and maternity supplies, as well as breast pumps for rent and purchase.

Stop in to explore our full selection of:

  • Breast pumps and accessories
  • Breastfeeding devices and accessories
  • Breast care products
  • Compression stockings and hosiery

Medela Breast Pumps at Bremo Pharmacy

The best place in Richmond to rent or buy Medela breast pumps and supplies. Medela is the name in breast pumps, which is why we offer a full line of double electric options including:


Medela Pump In Style

Advanced Starter Set (Insurance Pump)

Medela Symphony

Hospital-Grade Pump (Rental pump available only at our Henrico Doctors’ location)

Medela Pump In Style

Advanced Backpack or On-The-Go Tote (Retail pumps)

Your insurance may cover the cost of purchase or rental, and we can bill your insurance directly — our expert staff makes it easy. Please check out our Breast Pump FAQ for more information.

Keep Your Legs Pristine: Compression Stockings, Socks, & Hosiery

Prevent varicose veins and dangerous blood clots before it’s too late. Thirty percent of women pregnant for the first time develop varicose veins (Swiss Medical Weekly.) Pregnancy can cause increased blood volume and hormonal changes that lead to dangerous blood clots. It’s easy to protect yourself with our excellent collection of compression socks and hosiery. Learn More About Our Compression Products. You deserve a happy maternity. Come in to Bremo today and see how we can help!

Breast Pump FAQ:

Q: I want to get a breast pump billed to my insurance — what do I need to do?

A: The best thing to do is contact us so we can collect your information and verify coverage; if you’re in the area, feel free to stop in to do the same. We also need you to obtain a prescription for the pump from your provider (see the next question). After you contact us, we’ll let you know what’s covered and when you can pick up your pump.

Q: Do I need a prescription to get a pump?

A: Yes. In order to bill your insurance company, we must have a prescription on file from your provider (usually the practitioner providing maternal care). The prescription should be written for mom, not baby. Also, please ask your provider to include a diagnosis code on the prescription. The prescription can be handwritten or faxed directly to one of our two locations:

Bremo Pharmacy
2024 Staples Mill Road
Fax: (804) 355-1639

Bremo Pharmacy @ Henrico Doctors
1602 Skipwith Road, in the hospital lobby
Fax: (804) 285-8769

Q: When can I pick up my pump?

A: After you have contacted us, we strive to call you within 1 business day to let you know if your pump is covered and when you can pick it up.  Please verify with the Bremo staff which location to pick up your pump.



Q: Do you keep purchase or rental breast pumps in stock?

A: Yes, we keep both in stock — just give us a call ahead of time to verify.

Q: My insurance company named you as a provider – can I just come by and pick up a pump?

A: No, please contact us in advance to set up a file and allow us to verify coverage before making a trip. This will save you time when you come to pick up your pump!

Q: Does my insurance cover a breast pump?

A: Most insurance plans do cover a breast pump! Plans we are able to accept include Anthem, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Optima, and Aetna Better Health of VA. Please contact us if you are unsure about your plan.

Q: What type of breast pump is covered?

A: Typically, insurance plans cover the purchase of a double electric breast pump — we supply the Medela Pump In Style Advanced Starter Set. Some plans may cover the rental fees for a hospital-grade pump such as the Medela Symphony if it is medically necessary.

Q: Is there a copay?

A: In most cases, breast pumps are covered with no copay!

Q: I live too far away — can you ship breast pumps?

A: We can ship breast pumps to Virginia residents if required. The shipping rate to ship a purchased breast pump is based on location and is not covered by insurance.

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