Breast Pumps and Essential Supplies

Bremo Pharmacy is the BEST place in Richmond to obtain your breast pump and supplies. We want to make your maternity experience easy, successful and convenient and here is how we can make that happen:

Meet the Ameda Finesse®

Ameda is the longest running manufacturer of breast pumps, with 70 years of experience. Here are some highlights of the new Ameda Finesse:

  • FDA proven airlock protection—it prevents residual breast milk from building up in the tubing

which protects your baby from bacteria, mold and viruses while pumping

  • Custom control setting to increase production and comfort
  • Lightweight, portable and quiet allowing you to use the pump in public settings without drawing attention to yourself
  • Comfort—the Ameda CustomFit Flange offers seven different sizes for a more comfortable fit
  • Powered by AC adaptor (included) or AA batteries (not included) for worry free access to pump
  • Extended two-year warranty is included
  • Ameda Patient Care—24 hours customer care and support which includes a helpline (1-866-992-6332) and website ( This allows you to speak with a nurse or lactation consultant anytime of the day or night


Need Supplies? We’ve got you covered! Here are just a few products that we have to offer…

Simple Wishes™ Hands-Free Pumping Bra

Ultra-comfortable and supportive hands-free bra allows you the flexibility to multitask while pumping! This garment also serves as a conventional bra that provides excellent support with attachable straps included.


Lily Padz Kit®

These are self-adhering, non-absorbing nursing pads that prevent breast milk leakage. Uniquely designed, they are made of a skin-like layer of medical-grade silicone which makes them re-usable.


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