Frequently Asked Questions: Bremo Bedside Program

Being hospitalized can be stressful, especially when it comes to medications. BremoBedside® can alleviate hospital discharge stress and help you organize your medications. Learn more about what we can do for you!

What is Bremo Bedside®?

A program designed to efficiently and accurately hand deliver your medications directly to you prior to
being discharged from the hospital. We primarily serve patients at Henrico Doctors Hospital, with a satellite location at Parham.

Why should I or a loved one enroll?

A pharmacy technici
an will hand deliver you your medications prior to leaving the hospital. You will then have the opportunity to speak directly to a pharmacist to answer all of your medication related questions and/or concerns. The pharmacist will review all of your medications, including reasons for using each of your medications, possible side effects, and how to appropriately take each of your medications. Two days after you are discharged from the hospital, Bremo Pharmacy will call you to follow up on how you are feeling after starting your new medications.

What is the cost?

There is no additional cost. It is a free service. All you pay is the copay of your medications, provided you have prescription drug insurance.

What if I just had a new baby?

Bremo pharmacy staff will be more than happy to help new moms! Pharmacy staff will ensure you are properly equipped by providing breast pumps and administering Tdap immunizations to family members. For more information, follow this link to learn about more about breast pumps and recommended breast pump supplies.

Tell your nurse or physician at your hospital prior to being discharged. Bremo staff will asSwap Out Difficult Medication Bottles for Easy SyncRX Packagingk for your name, date of birth, address, and prescription insurance information. Bremo staff will be happy to continue your care beyond providing discharge medication. If you are interested in continuing to have your prescriptions filled by Bremo Pharmacy or are interested in our synchronization services, please visit this website or call us at 804-285-7730 to learn more.

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Jennifer Schofield, VCU School of Pharmacy PharmD Candidate 2017

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