Charlotte’s Web THC FREE 25mg Mint Chocolate Tincture, 30ml

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THC Free† formulation allows you to enjoy all the benefits of Charlotte’s Web without THC getting between you and your wellness. Our proprietary extraction and processing technology allow CW to provide a broad spectrum of cannabinoids while removing THC so you can naturally ease stress and foster a focused sense of calm.

This broad-spectrum extract includes a range of cannabinoids (like CBD, CBC, and CBG) with all the THC removed.

CW premium hemp extract oil is designed to help maintain:                                   Support a sense of calm for focus*

Manage everyday stresses*

Recovery from exercise-induced inflammation*

Maintain healthy sleep cycles*

CW uses limited, select ingredients to ensure you have the absolute best hemp extract possible. Our CBD oils include Charlotte’s Web premium hemp extract, carrier oil, and flavor. That’s it.


USA Grown Hemp
Approx. 25mg of CBD per 1mL serving
Graduated dropper included. Follow measured markings on dropper to achieve desired serving size.
The color of hemp extract CBD oil can vary from batch to batch. Charlotte’s Web products do not use additives or dyes to standardize the color of our products. Instead, we keep our CBD oil natural, the way nature intended.
Charlotte’s Web CBD oils are full-spectrum extracts that include a variety of beneficial compounds, including phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and essential fatty acids.
CW THC Free† extraction and processing technology allow them to continue to provide a broad range of these beneficial compounds.
†THC Free means trace amounts less than 0.01% or 100ppm


Consistency, as with any supplement, is key to success. Take daily.
Store at room temperature away from light.
Dropper use: To use gently squeeze the rubber end and release. Fill to measured marking that provides desired serving size.
Avoid touching dropper to mouth to preserve the quality of your hemp extract oil.
Sensitive to flavors? Mix your oil into your favorite food or drink.




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