Fit For Me WLS Optimum Chewable (90ct) + Ferro Optimum (90ct)

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Specially developed for use after a gastric band or gastric sleeve

A weight loss surgery operation means the start of a new life. To continue to be fit, it is essential that you get your daily dosage of vitamins and minerals. For example, vitamin B12 works great to battle fatigue.* After the placement of your sleeve, you will be eating less, which means you will be ingesting fewer vitamins and minerals. That is why we developed the WLS Optimum Chewable Vitamin, a multivitamin developed specifically for use after a sleeve or stomach band operation. We made it chewable and gave it a fresh fruity flavor so you can easily take the accurate dosage of vitamins and minerals every day to supplement your diet.— PRODUCT EXPIRES ON JAN 31, 2023

In addition, vitamin B and iron will help you support your health every day.Iron has a positive effect on your immune system. FitForMe’s WLS Optimum is developed according to the latest scientific developments.

Ferro Optimum

It is extremely important for you to add an extra iron supplement to your daily regimen. Ferro Optimum contains 28 mg of iron and 1.9 gram of copper. At FitForMe we believe maintaining your health is of the utmost importance!

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