About Bremo



Mission Statement

The mission of Bremo Pharmacy is to help patients reach the best possible health through excellent Pharmacy Care.

The Bremo Story

Local community pharmacies should be an important part of each family’s health care and a part of the community. This is what Dan Herbert, founder of Bremo Pharmacy, believed in when he opened back in 1976.

Dan envisioned a pharmacy that would help each person be as healthy as possible, by meeting their total and unique health needs. He also strived to provide service so good that no other pharmacy could come close in comparison. That purpose led to “The Bremo Way”…our unique process of customizing your pharmacy care to meet your full health needs, with personalized service you cannot experience elsewhere. From taking extra time to talk with you about your health, to helping you remember to take your medications, to consulting with your physician on your behalf, we do what is necessary to help you get healthy results. Everything we do at Bremo Pharmacy is done “The Bremo Way” to ensure you’re living your healthiest life.

That is our story. It’s what you’ll experience as different when you come to Bremo Pharmacy.

Our Core Values:

Our company believes in and lives by these core values as we make all decisions.

We believe…
1. Acting with honesty and integrity is the only choice.
2. Knowledge and understanding are essential steps to good health.
3. A positive attitude makes a powerful difference.
4. Good health starts with healthy lifestyle choices and health screenings.
5. We must meet the needs of the whole person.
6. We are called to listen to people, care about them, and build relationships.
7. We must constantly evolve and improve as new therapy options become available.
8. People’s health and well-being take priority over sales.
9. All people deserve the same care regardless of who they are.
10. It is our duty to give back to our community.



We are able to service prescriptions only in the State of Virginia.
Bremo Pharmacy’s online store can ship to all states besides THC containing CBD to Idaho and any CBD to Nebraska or South Dakota.
Bremo Pharmacy’s online store can ship over-the-counter items to all states besides Connecticut, Kansas, or Oregon.


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