Independent Living for Seniors

Freedom to Be You.

Friendly Service and Support for Seniors at Bremo Pharmacy

Getting older has its perks.

Here’s looking at you, retirement! It also comes with a unique set of challenges. We can help you maintain the confident independence you’re used to.

With Bremo, you get access to innovative technology and programs you won’t find at most pharmacies. We’ll help you keep your medication in check, and stay active at home and around town.

Home Health and Mobility Aids

Whether you’re recovering from surgery, or just find yourself a little tired and off balance sometimes, we can get you the gear you need to stay active and safe. Our experienced staff is trained to help you make easy use of our products; they offer a wealth of effective household and lifestyle tips.

Come by to see how we can help you:
  • Get around town 
    With our modern selection of canes and walkers
  • Keep your balance anywhere at home
    With our assortment of grab bars and handles
  • Get what you need on your own
    With a variety of stools and EZ reachers
  • Get a grip on your day to day
    With our assorted grip handles for utensils and doors
  • Find new ways to stay safe and healthy
    With the many other items we carry.

Medication Management

As we get older, there are more and more medications we have to deal with in our day. It starts to get tough… 10–25% of hospital and nursing home admissions are caused by patients’ inability to take their medications as directed. Luckily, we can help you stay on track with a host of services that make medication easier than ever.

Learn how we can help you:
  • Never lose track of your medication, for FREE.
    With SyncRX, you get all of your prescriptions filled on the same day of each month, and the option for packaging that helps make taking medication easier.
  • Protect yourself from inappropriate medications and harmful side effects.
    With our Medication Checkup, you gain a real understanding of your medications and the personal attention of our master pharmacist.
  • Make difficult or unappealing medications easier to take.
    As a Compounding Pharmacy, we can change the form and dosages for most medication, which can be helpful if swallowing tablets has become difficult. We can even recreate your favorite medications that are out of production.
  • Get your prescriptions delivered to you at home.
    We offer free Medication Delivery for SyncRX customers, and at a low price for everyone else!

Come in today and let us show you around! If you can’t get out, no worries: call us at 804-288-8361. We are happy to help.