Get Your Prescriptions Delivered!

Save time and gas using our convenient delivery options.

The Bremo Medication Delivery Service Vehicle

Medication at Your Door.

Medication delivery is free for all SyncRX patients and affordable for everyone else. Sign up now, and skip the trip to the pharmacy!

How to Sign Up

You can opt to get your medication delivered by either:

  1. Refilling your prescriptions online and selecting the delivery option in checkout,
  2. Giving us a call at whichever Bremo location is convenient for you, or
  3. Stopping by our pharmacy to ask our friendly staff in person.

Avoid delivery fees by signing up for our SyncRX program.

How it Works

We make local prescription deliveries within our delivery zone by car for only $2.00. Over-the-counter orders that do not include a prescription can be delivered for $5.00. Deliveries outside our local zone are shipped through UPS, and pricing varies based on shipping cost.

Our local delivery zone is generally a 5-mile radius from Bremo Pharmacy at Staples Mill, but we may be able to offer you local shipping prices if you are near one of our commercial shipping routes. It’s best to call us and ask. We would love to help!

Curbside Delivery

Curbside delivery is now available at Bremo Pharmacy.  Simplify your life and keep yourself safe with our contactless curbside pickup.  Park in the designated curbside delivery parking spot and call us to have your order brought to your car.