Synchronize Your Refills: SyncRX

Have all of your prescriptions refilled on the same day of each month at Bremo.

We Keep it Simple.

Imagine… No more wasted time, stress, or confusion surrounding prescription refills. We help you leave all of that behind and relax…for free.

When you take a lot of medications, it gets messy trying to keep them all straight. SyncRX is a new way to have all your prescriptions filled on the same day every month.

Choose between regular medication bottles, or our special Medicine-On-Time packaging that allows you to have all of your medications arranged by individual morning, noon, evening, and bedtime dosages. It’s easy, it’s convenient, and again, it’s free!

SyncRX Makes Everything Easier for You.

Our customer satisfaction survey shows that an incredible 95% of SyncRX users would recommend it to others. SyncRX is taking off like fireworks, and it’s a breeze to join in.


Fewer Calls

Rather than calling us all the time to confirm each of your prescription refills, we call you to confirm your needs just once per month. We also keep in touch with your doctors and insurance providers to renew refills and confirm coverage.

Free Delivery!

You may find yourself driving to the pharmacy to pick up different prescriptions all the time. Now, you don’t have to drive at all; we can deliver your medication for free if you sign up for SyncRX.

Never Run Out of Medication

Our system ensures you always get your prescriptions filled on time so you can be confident in your health.

Complimentary Medication Review and Follow-Ups

Our pharmacist will work with you personally to carefully review each of your medications. You’ll walk away with a convenient pocket list of all your medications and get complimentary follow-ups whenever your medications change.

Custom Medicine-On-Time Calendar Cards to Organize Your Medications

No more spending your time digging through a series of bottles, or taking the time to load your weekly pill organizer. SyncRX users can choose Medicine-On-Time calendar cards instead of bottles, pre-organizing all of your dosages together by date and time of day. Medicine-On-Time is designed to improve your quality of life and safeguard your health by reducing medication-taking errors.


Our customers rave about our Medicine-On-Time Calendar Cards:

“Now that I don’t have to pack my mother’s pill boxes, I finally got my Sundays back!”

— Caregiver

How Does It Work?

Each month at the same time, your prescriptions are ready to be picked up or delivered right to you.

A week or so prior to your prescriptions being refilled, we’ll call to check in with you. We’ll confirm which prescriptions are needed, ask about whether any medications have changed, and see if you have any questions for the pharmacist.

Everything will be ready for you on time, in one trip to the pharmacy. Can’t get to us? We can also deliver to your home or work. Best of all, we’ll call your doctor for refills, or deal with your insurance company ahead of time to reduce or eliminate any hassles…

Reclaim your free time and let us do the busy work.
Please give us a call at Bremo Pharmacy (804) 288-8361 ext 115 


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