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Dive into a career where we’re all about working together, being inclusive, and having tons of chances to learn and grow. When you become part of our team, get ready to make a real difference. You’ll be working with a fantastic bunch of creative, caring colleagues who’ve got your back every step of the way in your career journey. It’s not just a job; it’s a chance to make a mark while surrounded by awesome people who want to see you succeed – both personally and professionally.

Are you looking for a PRN pharmacist position in an environment that fosters excellent
patient care? Bremo Pharmacy is looking for a relief pharmacist to join our team in our retail pharmacy location.

Key Culture Points
· Bremo Pharmacy employs a team of top-notch pharmacists and technicians. We focus upon quality patient care in order to help patients reach their best possible health and stay as independent as possible.
· Bremo invests in the future of pharmacy. Our clinical team of pharmacists (including a
community resident) aspire to make clinical pharmacy practice the core of community pharmacy practice, instead of the product focused setting that many envision when they hear the word “pharmacy.”
· Most chain pharmacies focus upon high volume & measure the performance of their team by how quickly they pump out prescriptions. Bremo focuses upon quality. We build relationships with our patients and their caregivers. We listen to them and work with them to help them stay as healthy as possible. We ensure that we have enough quality pharmacists and technicians to practice pharmacy in a patient centered way; allowing our team to perform at their best.
· Our motto “Small Pharmacy, Big Hearts” describes how as an independent small business, we choose to foster a culture of caring for our patients and ensuring that we advocate for their health.
· Bremo emulates a positive culture and work environment among our team. We foster an
environment that encourages our team members to continue to grow and learn. We keep a positive attitude and cheer for each other through challenging times. We treat each other with respect. We have honest open communication including clear expectations and feedback on areas for improvement. We embrace tracking medication errors, in a non-punitive way. Our philosophy is that we can learn from our mistakes or near misses, by tweaking our workflow to prevent similar mistakes in the future.
· We foster life-long learning along with networking opportunities for our team members. We have internal learning opportunities to help our staff become the best versions of themselves. Additionally, our team members are encouraged to participate in local and national conferences that keep us connected to the innovators in our field and help us learn about the latest therapy options that may benefit our patients.
· As an advocate for healthy lifestyle choices, we will not stock products or offer services that are unhealthy, such as selling cigarettes or alcohol. When choosing new products or services to offer, we ensure that there is potential benefit to the patient’s health. This decision takes priority over adding a product or service simply for financial gain.
· At Bremo Pharmacy we believe in promoting prevention and lifestyle changes to help improve patient health. We look not just at individual prescriptions, but at the whole person. We strive to ensure that each patient’s therapy is the best option for them. We also strive to help patients understand what they can do to improve their health and get the most out of any medication or other therapies they need.

Qualified applicants only, please apply by sending both a resume and a cover letter.


Relief pharmacists cover shifts on an as needed basis. Schedules are planned 1 month in
advance, based upon scheduled time off for full time pharmacists. The PRN pharmacist has the flexibility to accept or decline covering vacation shifts. All shifts are within a 7AM-6PM Mon-Fri, and 9AM-1PM Saturday time frame. The ideal candidate would have the flexibility to work a 40-hour week during one week, with no hours another week. Anticipated average of 20 hours of coverage needed per month.


Relief Delivery Driver

Do you enjoy driving? Are you looking for extra income with flexible hours?

Bremo Pharmacies is recruiting for a relief delivery driver to work part time within the Richmond area. Drivers use company cars to deliver packages to residential customers in Richmond, Chesterfield, Henrico and Hanover. Drivers are responsible for coordinating their own routes, based upon the deliveries for the day, in communication with the delivery team and other pharmacy staff. This relief position involves covering 4-8 hour shifts whenever full/part time drivers are off. The number of weekly hours may vary from 4-40 depending upon the need. All shifts are between 9AM-6PM Mon-Fri and Sat 9AM-1PM.

Required Applicant Attributes

  • Age 18 or over, with a valid Virginia Driver’s license and an excellent driving record from DMV.
  • Safe and Courteous Driver
  • Familiar with Richmond area
  • Possesses organizational skills to plan your own route and deliver in a timely manner, using a GPS device
  • Responsible & trustworthy in handling prescription medications
  • Reliable and punctual.
  • Friendly, caring, positive attitude toward customers and co-workers
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to lift/carry bulky packages


Our company believes in and lives by these core values as we make all decisions.

We believe…
1. Acting with honesty and integrity is the only choice.
2. Knowledge and understanding are essential steps to good health.
3. A positive attitude makes a powerful difference.
4. Good health starts with healthy lifestyle choices and health screenings.
5. We must meet the needs of the whole person.
6. We are called to listen to people, care about them, and build relationships.
7. We must constantly evolve and improve as new therapy options become available.
8. People’s health and well-being take priority over sales.
9. All people deserve the same care regardless of who they are.
10. It is our duty to give back to our community.

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