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Packaging Long Term Care Pharmacy Medication

Service and Support.

Bremo LTC Pharmacy specializes in advanced pharmacy services to patients living in unskilled long term care facilities such as:

  • Group homes
  • Intermediate care facilities
  • Assisted living homes

We can save you time and stress by streamlining and managing your patients’ medication. Learn how…

We can eliminate medication mix-ups.

Our medications come in organized calendar cards that are clearly labeled by date and time of day.

Relax with easy medication tracking

Our clearly organized and labeled doses make it a snap to verify that your patients are up to date on their medication.

Save time on refills 

We synchronize your patients’ medications so that all are due for refill on the same date each month. You will receive one monthly order for all of your residents’ scheduled medications.

Individual Calendar Cards

Multifill Bubble Packs

Frequent medication changes are simple. You will be able to easily replace cards whenever there are medication changes Worry free travel doses. You have the flexibility to tear off individually labeled doses for patients to take on trips or home visits.
Separate weekend cards are available on request for patients who make home visits. Save staffing time with all medications for each time period together in one bubble.

You can keep better records with less effort

We offer two record keeping options for our long term care facilities:

  1. Traditional pre-printed paper MARs (medical administration records) are available monthly, along with physician order forms, FREE of charge.
  2. QuickMAR, a user-friendly electronic MAR and chart option, is available for FREE.

We’re proud to offer and recommend QuickMAR as your best option for recordkeeping.


Reduce medication errors

  • Barcode Scanning warns you if you forget a med or grab the wrong medication package.
  • Photo IDs make sure you have the correct patient.
  • System Alerts send reminders if you forget to give a medication.

Save time and energy

  • Complete your busiest med passes 25-50% faster by reducing paperwork to a few quick clicks.
  • Allow us to send order changes automatically, needing only your approval.
  • Increase supervisor visibility on medication passes from home or office.
  • Reduce time spent checking in monthly orders
  • Mobile app available for tablets for passing medications

We keep your staff competent and reliable

Bremo LTC Pharmacy offers affordable medication administration training for facility staff on a monthly basis. We offer extensive discounts for facilities using Bremo LTC Pharmacy for their clients’ prescription needs.

Seminars and in-service programs are also available upon request to the facilities we serve.

QuickMar Tips

Learn More About CareSuite by QuickMAR

Our pharmacists work harder so you don’t have to

Bremo pharmacists raise the bar for customer service:

  • Perpetual patient reviews
    Each time a resident gets a new prescription, or returns from a hospital visit, our pharmacists review all current medications to ensure that your patients are getting the medication therapy they need, with the fewest side effects.
  • Detailed follow-ups
    We follow up with the prescriber if there is anything that needs clarification; we communicate any therapy concerns and recommendations to the prescriber based upon our review and information gathered during the visit.
  • On-site reviews and assessments
    Our clinical pharmacists are available to visit your facility and perform on-site medication reviews. We can also perform quality assessments of your medication management and make recommendations for improving medication administration techniques.
  • Expert advice on Medicare D plans for your patients 
    Let us help your residents choose a Medicare plan by reviewing their medication list and finding a plan that will cover them with the lowest out of pocket expense.
  • Communication
    Bremo LTC staff will communicate with your facility during every step of filling your patient’s medications.

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MAR cleanup

Sometimes medications are only used temporarily, such as a cream for a rash. If you have orders printing on your MAR that your resident doesn’t need anymore, let us know about it with the MAR clean up form.

Download Mar Cleanup Form

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Vaccinations & Injections

Bremo LTC Pharmacy can administer vaccinations and other types of injections. Click here to learn more about what is offered.  Call 804-285-7823 to make your appointment!