Our History

How one man's legacy carries on his love for serving your community.

Meet Dan Herbert

Dan founded Bremo Pharmacy in 1976 with a modest goal: to provide you with service “so good, nothing else could compare.” He loved our community and wanted to stand out as a unique local business in an industry that faces increasingly impersonal, corporate influence.

Dan inspired our entire industry, serving many leadership roles, including president of the American Pharmacists Association until he passed away in 2004. Though Dan may no longer be at our helm, his spirit and ideals still guide us in our work.

Today, Dan’s daughter Catherine takes the lead as we continue to uphold his emphatic devotion to you: our friends and neighbors.


Dan Herbert founds Bremo Pharmacy, beginning as a single store pharmacy in the St. Mary’s Building on Bremo Road.


Pioneering a life-saving industry, we became licensed as a fitting center for custom and prescription support hose.


Always working to provide you access to difficult-to-find services and products, we became a Diabetic Teaching Center and the first area supplier of blood glucose meters for home use.  


When few pharmacies offered you access to advanced pharmacy techniques, we became a professional compounding center, and became a member of the Professional Compounding Centers of America.


One year after joining our team, R. Keith Kittinger established Metropolitan Pharmacy in downtown Richmond.


Metropolitan Pharmacy began its move into the long term care market with a new program designed to serve prescriptions to area adult and group homes.


Expanding to offer you an even wider range of services, we took over management of Henrico Professional Pharmacy (also known as Bremo Pharmacy at Henrico Doctors). This location specializes in women’s health services, transplant prescriptions, and a much-loved bedside delivery program.


To promote wellness and prevention, Bremo Pharmacy began offering health screenings, including cholesterol testing, in our facilities. We were among the first in the area to offer such a service within a retail pharmacy. We also began offering medication check ups.


To ensure the long term care group homes and facilities we serve properly administer our prescriptions, we began offering medication administration training courses for their staff.


As part of our goal to provide preventive health care in our community, Bremo Pharmacies began administering flu shots and other vaccinations at the pharmacy. We were one of the first in Virginia to bring this program to a community pharmacy.


We pride ourselves on our continued education and wealth of experience. In an effort to share that knowledge with new generations of pharmacists serving our community, we began offering pharmacy technician training courses to students in our area.


Metropolitan Pharmacy and its long term care business was relocated to the Cross Roads Shopping Center, where Bremo Pharmacy and our office/training center is located. With the move, Metropolitan’s name changed to Bremo LTC Pharmacy.


To ensure quality for our patients, all three locations became accredited by ACHC as durable medical equipment providers. Bremo Pharmacy also became accredited as a sterile compounding pharmacy.


To give you access to the most advanced and helpful medication resources, we invested in SyncRx. This service makes it easier to track and fill your prescriptions, even offering free delivery!


You continue to be our reason for coming to work each day. Moving forward, we will always work to ensure you and our community have access to the best possible care and service.

We would love to meet you! Please give us a call to learn more about our services at 804-285-7823

Or, just stop in and visit us when you’re free. We’re in the neighborhood.

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