Support Hose & Compression Socks

Discover how individuals, ranging from athletes to office workers, are effectively addressing varicose veins, foot pain, and the risk of blood clots through our advanced graduated compression technology.

A compression fitter assisting a male patient with fitting compression garments. The fitter is adjusting the garment on the patient's leg or arm, ensuring a proper and comfortable fit. Both individuals appear focused on the task, with the patient possibly seated or standing. The background may feature medical equipment or shelves with compression garments on display. This image illustrates the process of fitting compression garments, crucial for managing conditions like edema or promoting circulation.

Hey, Nice Legs!

Circulation is everything. Our broad selection of compression socks and hose are designed to fit your specific needs, working to keep your blood flowing strong. They can help you feel your best, and may even save your life! Our compression fittings are more than a measurement. With our private fitting room and a compression specialist on staff, we make your visit for compression an experience!

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You’re at risk for circulation issues if you:

Sit or stand most of your day

Tired, swollen, achy feet are a common side effect of our modern lifestyle. Our products help keep your feet and legs happy.

Exercise regularly

Graduated compression socks or sleeves can improve your athletic performance and recovery, helping blood carry vital oxygen and nutrients to tired muscles.

Ride on long flights

Long flights put you at a higher risk of developing blood clots in your legs. Support hose or socks help keep your blood moving, even when you’re forced to sit still at high altitude.

Are pregnant

If you are pregnant, you are more susceptible to developing varicose veins and at higher risk of leg blood clots known as Deep Vein Thrombosis, or DVT. Compression socks or support hose can help!

Have a history of clots or circulation issues

Clots can be extremely painful, and even fatal. Wearing our products regularly can help prevent future trouble.

Had surgery recently

When your legs go unused for long periods in recovery, blood can pool and clot. Compression socks or hose help keep you safe as you rest and recover.

A compression fitter adjusting a colorful compression garment. The fitter is seen holding a garment. The background may feature medical equipment or shelves displaying compression garments. This image illustrates the process of fitting compression garments.


We’ll Get You Started

Selecting graduated compression socks and supports requires more attention than picking standard socks. Accurate measurement and matching to your unique shape are crucial. Our expert fitters are ready to assist, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for you.

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  • We carry a large selection of styles and sizes for men and women, featuring the best brands like SIGVARIS , and we will help you find exactly what you need.

Trouble Getting Your Support Socks On?

Some people may find compression socks or stockings challenging to use. If you have trouble bending over, or your hands sometimes lack strength, it can be difficult to don your garments.

We carry an outstanding solution in the form of the Doff N’ Donner by SIGVARIS. This simple device makes putting on your compression socks or support hose as easy as a normal sock. We’re happy to show you how to use it in-person at Bremo.

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