Online Refills

Renew your prescription with ease by signing up for Bremo's online refill service.

Easy Online Prescription Refill Process

Online Refills

Renew your prescription with ease by signing up for Bremo’s online refill service. Please use the button below to refill your prescriptions:

Bremo Pharmacy

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Bremo Long Term Care Pharmacy

2002 Staples Mill Road 804-285-7823

Sorry but we do not currently offer online refills for the Long Term Care (LTC) Pharmacy. There are a few ways to refill prescriptions through the Bremo LTC pharmacy. Fax us a form or use the online refill request built into QuickMAR.

To Fax

Attach current prescription barcode to the Bremo LTC Medication Refill form and fax it to 804-285-7857. Download form here.


Do you work for a long term care facility? Find out how Bremo and QuickMAR can help you manage your patient’s medications with ease. QuickMAR is a resident care management software offered to Bremo’s qualifying LTC customers. QuickMAR enables you to: speed up large med passes by as much as 50%; manage resident processes from point of inquiry through end of stay; and continue working and maintain your records even if your internet goes down!

If you don’t have access to a fax machine, and do not have the QuickMAR electronic MAR feature, call us at 804-285-7823.