5 Ways to Get Your Medications Organized

5 Ways to Get Your Medications Organized

For many seniors the ability to remember to take their medications correctly can be the difference between living independently in their own home, and having to move into an assisted living home. We would like to share 5 ways to keep your medications organized, so you can stay healthy at home.

1. It helps to use one pharmacy for all your prescriptions and refills. That way, your pharmacist can better answer your questions, and make sure you have a safe combination.

2. Ask how we can synchronize your medications to be refilled at the same time each month. This is more convenient, so you can get all your medications at once. More importantly though, it reduces the risk of running out of medications because you forgot to refill one or more of them. At Bremo Pharmacy we offer medication synchronization. We call you to remind you when your refills are coming due, verify if there any medication changes, and make sure you are ready for your next set to be delivered or picked up.

3. Get your medications organized into calendar cards. Special packaging from the pharmacy can keep your medications organized by time and day, so it is easier to take the correct medications at the right time. It’s also easier to realize if you forgot a dose, because it is all labeled for you. Rather than you or your caregiver having to take the time each week to pack pill boxes, let Bremo package your medications for you. This was you can be assured that everything is correct.

4. Always keep a current list of your medications with you. If you go to see a doctor, or have to go to the hospital, knowing what medications you are already taking is very important. At Bremo Pharmacy we give all of our patients on our synchronization program a wallet sized list of their current medications each month, with their new supply of medications. Put it in your wallet, so that when you need it you have an accurate list to share with health care providers.

5. Schedule your medications along with a routine activity. If you struggle to remember your medications, associate taking your medication with something you already do every day, like eating breakfast, walking the dog, or brushing your teeth. Store the medications in a place that will help you remember to associate these events. (Ask your pharmacist if there are any restrictions with your medications, such as whether they should be taken with food, or on an empty stomach).

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Prepared by: Catherine Cary, PharmD and Anisha Doshi, PharmD

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