Bremo Spotlights Our Very Own Karen Nemetz

Karen Nemetz, a valued employee of Bremo Pharmacy has been awarded the Virginia Pharmacists Associations 2015 Technician Award. 

Karen has been with Bremo Pharmacy for 39 years and is the first person people see when they walk into the office.  She goes above and beyond her job title to make sure patients are happy and taken care of.

Karen was a pharmacy “clerk” right out of high school. Over her years at Bremo Pharmacy, she has served as a pharmacy technician in our retail and long term care pharmacies. She now helps with the training and development of new technicians.

Karen also serves as the billing specialist and works on complicated third party billing issues. She has done a great deal to help Bremo Pharmacies provide a high level of pharmacy services in addition to helping pharmacy technicians do the same across the state.

Karen is a model employee and has a strong work ethic. She has true compassion for patients and fellow employees. She is also a great role model for pharmacy technicians.  She is a member of Virginia Pharmacists Association and Richmond Pharmacists Association and encourages all of the graduates of the Pharmacy Technician Preparatory Class to join VPhA.

This award was established in 1998 to recognize a pharmacy technician for their contributions to pharmacy in Virginia. The criteria for the Technician Award states “the individual has worked for the advancement of the practice of pharmacy in Virginia”.

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