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Compounding Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a PCAB accredited pharmacy?

The Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB®) is a voluntary program for compounding pharmacies.  The Seal of PCAB Accreditation means that Bremo Pharmacy has proven that we follow the highest standards of quality and safety when we custom make or “compound” prescription medications.


Why did Bremo Pharmacy renovate their compounding lab?

Recently, new federal regulations set standards for compounding and handling certain medications that are considered “hazardous.”  This new regulation, USP Chapter <800>, was implemented to advance public health by limiting exposure to any hazardous ingredients.  Any pharmacy that intends to continue to compound prescriptions with hazardous drugs must update their lab and their procedures to meet this new standard. Meeting these regulations helps protect our staff, patients, caregivers, and the environment.


What is a Hazardous Drug?

Hazardous drugs are medications that may have lasting negative health effects for those employees, nearby patients, or caregivers who are exposed to them over time. This includes cancer medications, hormone therapies, and medications that pose a risk for fertility or during pregnancy. A few examples of hazardous medications that Bremo Pharmacy compounds include: methimazole, hydroxyurea, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapies.


Why should I choose Bremo Pharmacy for my compound prescriptions?

As a PCAB accredited pharmacy, Bremo Pharmacy puts quality first.  We make sure that our compounded products meet the highest standards.  In our new state of the art compounding lab, we are well equipped to take care of all your compounding needs for both non-sterile hazardous and non-hazardous compounds. Bremo Pharmacy is also a full service pharmacy for non-compounded prescriptions.  All of us here at Bremo Pharmacy would like to thank you for your business.  We hope that you will continue to allow us to provide you the highest quality prescription services in the years to come!


Bremo Pharmacy Team,


Catherine Cary, PharmD, Jennifer Helmke, PharmD, Tana Kaefer, PharmD, Regina Richardson, PharmD, Brett Loehr, PharmD

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