COVID-19 Vaccine Update 4/9/2021 – Phase 2

We are excited to announce that the Richmond Henrico Health Department is moving into Phase 2 of Vaccination today.  This means any person who is age 16 years or older is now eligible to get vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine.  Here at Bremo Pharmacy, we are able to vaccinate people who are age 18 or older with the Moderna vaccine.  Now that we are in phase 2, those who need to set up an appointment to be vaccinated can sign up directly on our website:

Appointment availability is released one week at a time because we only receive the vaccine supply one week at a time.  If no appointments are available when you log on, check back at another time.  We will release more appointment dates once we have confirmation we will have enough vaccine.  In addition to the online appointment link, we will continue to have the option to sign up on our “extra dose list.”
At the end of each daily clinic we frequently have leftover doses of vaccine that need to be administered right away.  If you have flexibility on when you can come for your vaccine, the extra dose list may be a good option for you.  Signing up for this list means you would be available to come on short notice if we call or text you.  This process helps us make sure no COVID-19 vaccine doses are wasted.  If all appointments are taken for the week, the extra dose list may be the quickest way to get vaccinated.

Please note the appointment sign-up on our website is intended for those who are beginning their 2 shot series with the Moderna vaccine.  Those individuals who have already received their first shot of Moderna vaccine at Bremo’s vaccine clinic, and need to reschedule their second dose appointment, can send us a secure email requesting an appointment using this link:  Please include in your email your name, contact information, and the date when you got your first Moderna vaccine at Bremo.  Ideally you should receive your second Moderna dose at the same vaccine clinic as you got your first dose.  This is because that clinic has been allotted COVID-19 vaccine to administer your second dose.  If you received your first Moderna shot at another vaccine clinic, and it is not possible for you to return for your second shot, Bremo may be able to help you. Send us a secure email with your name, contact information, and confirmation that you received the Moderna vaccine, including the date and the location of your first dose of the vaccine. . If you received your first COVID-19 vaccine in the form of the Pfizer vaccine, then you will need to go to a clinic that offers that vaccine for your second dose.

Today 4/9/21 marks the 100th day of our COVID-19 vaccination efforts here at Bremo Pharmacy.  By the end of today’s clinic, we will have given 11,000 COVID-19 vaccinations.  This was only possible with the hard work of Bremo’s team members, along with our wonderful volunteers who have assisted us in our efforts to vaccinate our community.  We are committed to continuing these efforts as we move into phase 2.

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