Don’t Delay, Get Your Flu Shot Today!

A close-up image of an arm with a rolled-up sleeve, ready to receive a vaccine injection. In the foreground, a syringe filled with vaccine is visible, held by a healthcare professional's gloved hand. The background may feature a sterile medical environment, such as a clinic or vaccination center. This image depicts the readiness for administering a vaccine, highlighting the importance of immunization in public health efforts

Why should I get the flu shot?

  • Even in mild flu seasons, the flu is still responsible for a large number of hospitalizations and even death, especially in patients over the age of 65
  • The CDC strongly recommends that patients over the age of 65 get immunized to avoid flu-related complications

What if I can’t afford the flu shot?

  • The flu shot is completely covered for all Medicare and Medicaid patients. It’s free!
  • For patients with private insurance, most insurance companies will pay all or most of the cost associated with the flu shot
  • For uninsured patients, flu shots at Bremo Pharmacy cost only $35 and coupons are available to reduce the financial burden

I’ve heard the flu shot can get me sick. Is this true?

  • The viruses used in the flu shot are killed so they cannot give you the flu
  • Some patients may experience minor side effects, such as soreness at the injection site, a low-grade fever, or aches. These side effects typically only last 1-2 days

But I got my flu shot last year, why do I need another one?

  • Flu viruses are constantly changing. The annual flu shot is manufactured with 3 or 4 of the most common flu strains that will be circulating that year
  • The body’s immunity to the flu virus declines over time. Getting your flu shot each year will help boost your body’s immunity to fight off the virus

Okay – you’ve convinced me. Where and when should I get my flu shot?

  • Since the flu shot takes up to 2 weeks to reach full effectiveness, the CDC recommends getting the shot as early in the flu season as possible. Most pharmacies begin carrying the vaccine towards the end of August and have them available until March
  • Flu seasons are unpredictable and may being as early as October, so be sure to get vaccinated early!
  • Flu shots are available at Bremo Pharmacy and our pharmacists would be glad to help you get immunized today!

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