Healthy Legs

It is important to be proactive about good leg health to be able to properly perform daily activities and to live well.  Some signs and symptoms that may mean you have a leg concern include: cramping, pain, numbness, tingling, swelling, red, purple or bluish discoloration, weakness and fatigue in the legs, and protruding or bulging veins.

Leg conditions may be due to poor circulation from a short or long-term lack of enough blood supply to the legs, which is known as venous insufficiency.

Risk factors for venous insufficiency are: age (being older, however about 25% of people that suffer from this are young), gender (women are affected more than men), pregnancy, being overweight, lack of movement, and history of a clot in the leg.

The treatment options for the different leg conditions may be as simple as increasing or changing your physical activity, making changes in diet, wearing compression stockings, needing medications or minor surgery. Compression socks are a very popular options for many patients as this affordable and easy option can greatly improve your quality of life. Bremo Pharmacy even sells fashionable compression socks that allow you to keep your legs both healthy and stylish.

Visit us at Bremo Pharmacy to see if compression is a solution for you. We can do a compression fittings for you to make sure it is a right fit for you. Click here to go to our Support Hose and Compression Page to learn more. Unsure if you can put compression socks on? We also have many tools, such as the SIGVARIS Doff N’ Donner and Magnide, to assist you in putting on your compression socks/ support hose.

Call 804-288-8361 ext. 134 to schedule an appointment. Our pharmacy would be happy to help you find the best pair of compression hose for you and to help you keep your legs healthy!

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