Local, Family Owned Bremo Pharmacy Has Expanded!

Since 1976, Bremo Pharmacy has always strived to help people reach their best possible health through excellent pharmacy care.   To meet the growing need for our pharmacy and health care services, Bremo Pharmacy has tripled the number of clinics within the pharmacy.  Come visit us and experience “The Bremo Way” at 2024 Staples Mill Road.

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What’s behind Clinic Door #1? Newly renovated Bremo Pharmacy Clinic

Bremo Pharmacy is a full service pharmacy that fills prescriptions and does customized prescription compounding, but we do SO much more! Remodeling our clinic space to fit the needs of our patients to expand clinical services has become more important than ever.

Some of the services we provide in Clinic #1 are:

Travel Consultations:   Ready to start traveling safely again?  Bremo Pharmacy has a full service travel clinic including giving you the necessary vaccines and information to know before you go.  The pharmacist provides detailed travel information specific to the area that you are going including travel tips, safety and law/customs information, and COVID-19 entry/exit requirements. Additionally, the comprehensive consult customizes vaccine recommendations to your health and travel profile. For more information on travel consults, click here.

Medication Administration:   At Bremo Pharmacy, we administer vaccines such as COVID- 19, flu, shingles and pneumonia, but you can also count on us for maintenance injectable medications such as Vitamin B12, Depo-Provera, Testosterone, long acting injectable antipsychotic medications and more.  It is easier than ever to have a private, comfortable environment to receive your injectable medication administration. For more information on medication administration, click here.

Comprehensive Medication Reviews:  Meet with a pharmacist, by appointment, to review your prescription and over the counter medications to ensure that you understand what they are for and how to properly take them. Additionally, the pharmacist will review your health profile for routine vaccination and health screening needs. For more information medication reviews, click here.

Health Screenings:   “Good health starts with healthy lifestyle choices and health screenings.”  This is one of Bremo Pharmacy’s core values and as such, we will screen for diabetes, high blood pressure (including 24 hour blood pressure monitoring), high cholesterol and osteoporosis. For more information on health screenings, click here.

Medication Management made simple with SyncRx and Medicine on Time:  Coordinating all of your prescriptions to be filled on the same day each month.  Organizing and packaging medications on bubble packed, labeled calendar cards at no charge. With our free delivery, it makes it simple!

For these services and more, please call 804-288-8361 or send us a secure message here.


What’s behind Clinic Door #2? Bremo Pharmacy’s Compression Clinic

Bremo Pharmacy’s private compression has a new fitting room for a compression fitting “experience” like none other. Come see the certified compression fitters, Ami and Charmaine at Bremo Pharmacy.  With a clinic dedicated to compression fitting, they have extended hours to conveniently start at 8:30 AM and continue throughout the day. Our certified and experienced compression fitters are excited to show you the additional products that Bremo Pharmacy is carrying to meet your compression needs including sock aides and tools for donning and doffing your compression garments. Additionally, they are now offering fitting for lower leg wraps.

Whether you drive, stand or sit for most of your day, you will be surprised at how much better your legs feel at the end of it after wearing compression from Bremo Pharmacy.  To learn more about compression visit our website or call for your appointment at 804-288-8361 Ext. 134


What’s behind Clinic Doors #3 and #4?  Bremo Pharmacy’s Ideal Protein Weight Loss Clinic

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Clinic is conveniently coupled with a shopping pantry that is stocked with a variety of high quality, protein enriched foods.  This is where the weight loss magic happens!  In the new private clinical space, our Authorized Ideal Protein health coach, Kristi, meets one-on-one with clients, either in-person or virtually, to provide individualized weight loss support.  She works as part of a team of physicians and Bremo pharmacists to guide her client through their weight loss journey. This program leads to improved health outcomes. To learn how you can get started on your weight loss journey, visit our website or call 804-288-8361 Ext. 150.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Bremo Pharmacy!

The vision of Bremo Pharmacy has always been one of customized care.  With our newly expanded clinics at Bremo Pharmacy, patients can experience personalized pharmacy service in a private, one on one setting where the focus will be on meeting each person’s unique health needs – “The Bremo Way.”

Come see us and our newly expanded clinics in the Crossroads Shopping Center at 2024 Staples Mill Road.  Call our Bremo Pharmacy staff at  804-288-836, or send us a secure message here.

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