Pharmacist In Action!

A Bremo pharmacy patient was admitted to the hospital and medication changes were made upon discharge from the hospital.

The patient presented to the pharmacy with the new prescriptions and a discharge summary from the hospital.

The Bremo pharmacist, Jenni noted that the doses of the medications were being reduced very quickly and this could cause side effects or worsening of the health condition. Also, the patient had new prescriptions from the hospital for medications that were listed as discontinued on the discharge summary.

So, Jenni reached out to the doctor to clarify the medications that were truly being discontinued and recommended to decrease the doses of the medications slowly for the safety of the patient.

Transitioning from one care system, such as from a hospital back to home, can come with a lot of changes. It is a very important time for you to understand what changes are being made and to ensure the transition is smooth and without any errors.

When you are discharged from the hospital or have any medication changes, bring in your discharge summary to the pharmacy to ensure that everything on the new prescriptions is what the doctor intended to do.

Also, be sure to fill all your medications at one pharmacy so that the pharmacist is looking at all your previous and new prescriptions. This will help the pharmacist ensure the changes make sense for you and ensure there are no gaps in your care.


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