Reclaim your free time in the New Year… let us do the busy work!

When you take multiple medications, it gets messy trying to keep it organized. SyncRX is a way to have all your prescriptions filled on the same day every month, for free.

NEVER RUN OUT OF REFILLS   |   We call you to confirm your medication refill needs once a month. We contact your doctors and insurance to renew refills, so you don’t have to. As well as we offer free delivery! We can deliver your medication for free if you choose to use SyncRX.


COMPLIMENTARY MEDICATION REVIEW AND FOLLOW-UPS   |   Our pharmacist will work with you personally to carefully review each of your medications. You will receive a convenient pocket list of all your medications each month and get complimentary follow-ups whenever your medications change.



No more spending your time digging through a series of bottles, or taking the time to load your weekly pill organizer. SyncRX users can choose Dispill calendar cards instead of bottles, pre-organizing all of your dosages together by date and time of day. Dispill is designed to improve your quality of life and safeguard your health by reducing medication-taking errors.


No more wasted time, stress, or confusion surrounding prescription refills and the hassle and time consuming task of packing pill boxes. We help you leave all of that behind and relax...

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