Synergy in Health: Nutrition Studio & Compression Clinic

Bremo’s Nutrition Studio and the long standing Compression Clinic are ready to help you feel your best! Nutrition, weight, compression, and education are all critical pieces in the journey to your best health. Our compression specialist and our nutrition guru love working together to get you the best recommendations possible!

The Nutrition Studio weight loss program takes a 3-step approach to achieving and sustaining a healthy weight. We utilize Ideal Protein to supplement your at home meals to create the best environment possible to get to your ideal weight and learn to recognize and manage cravings. Weekly check-ins with their certified coach provide reliable education and encouragement to keep you on track.

The Compression Clinic focuses on maximizing comfort while wearing compression socks, sleeves, or gloves. By using the Sigvaris product line, you are given a variety of styles, colors, and thickness of materials that allows you to choose the compression product that will work best for your type of lifestyle. Appointments begin by getting measurements to make sure the product provides compression where you need it and not anywhere else. You will also learn how to don (put on) and doff (take off) your product since it is different from a normal sock or sleeve.

Studies have shown that nutrition with proper compression improves wound healing, increases circulation, and reduces overall swelling. By wearing compression, you are able to better control swelling and fluid retention that directly affects weight. And by learning how to enhance your nutrition to help lose weight, you are able to help reduce swelling and joint pain. The Nutrition Studio and the Compression Clinic work in tandem to maximize your health and help you reach your goals!

Whether you start with Nutrition Studio’s three step approach and then get custom fitted compression or vice-versa, Bremo is here to guide you every step of the way. Appointments can be made by calling (804) 288-8361 ext 150 for the Nutrition Studio or extension 134 for the Compression Clinic. We look forward to helping you!

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