A Weight Loss Success Story

A Weight Loss Success Story

At Bremo Pharmacy, we like to promote quality services that we know work! Our Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol is definitely at the top of our list! We have watched hundreds of our patients transform both physically and mentally while participating in our 3-Phase weight loss program. In addition to that, we have had multiple employees from Bremo Pharmacy who have seen tremendous results. We interviewed one of our employees to give you a better idea of what to expect and how Ideal Protein transformed her life.

Success Stories can inspire others to lose weight, get healthy and live their best lives. We thought it would be great to let you hear from one of our very own Pharmacists, Leighton Mascari, who would like to share her weight loss story! She has successfully completed the 3-phase protocol with expert guidance from her certified Ideal Protein Coach. Let’s learn about her weight loss journey and how she inspired other family members to choose a healthier lifestyle.

Leighton’s Interview

-What made you decide to do Ideal Protein?

 I wanted a weight loss program that would help me maintain a healthy lifestyle for the long term, learn ways to track my health before I start to fall back into old habits, and know that I can use the tools I learned on IP when I need to refocus on my health.

-Do you think that it’s necessary to do all 3 phases of the program to be successful?

Yes, it is very important to continue through all 3 phases. This allows you to be successful as you introduce different foods into your diet and navigate decisions that you will have to make at a restaurant, while on a trip, or know how to get back on track if you start to fall into old habits.

-Since you completed the 3 phases of the program, do you still follow any of the advice and guidelines given?

Yes, the way that I look at my meals and eat throughout the day has changed. Phase 1 will get you the weight loss you want, but the rest of the phases allow you to keep that success, and it is so important to stay in the mindset of Ideal Protein even when you are not in the weight loss phase. You want to keep investing in your investment which is your weight loss and your future healthy self.

-I know it can be costly to participate in a program like this but would you say that it was worth it?

Yes, I found that reducing eating out, stopping fast food trips, and eating good healthy food more regularly throughout the day was well worth the cost and was comparable when I stopped buying fast food and coffee in the mornings and for lunch when I had the IP food that was fast and easy. For me, I tended to skip a meal if I did not pack a lunch or I would order food, and neither of those choices was good for my health or save me time or money ordering food.

-Can you talk a little bit more about your experience? What did you learn? What were some of your challenges?

I have a new appreciation for my scale. I use the IP scale to keep an eye on my health. I know that there will be seasons that are harder than others such as vacations or holidays. But, with this program, I know how to get back on track or ask for help from Kristi when I need a reset. I still use IP foods a few days a week when I need a snack that tastes good or a quick meal during the day. I like that I know I can have these items and they are giving me the food I need during the day. If my weight where I feel good and balanced in my daily life starts to continue to creep up, my clothes stop fitting comfortably, or I get more brain fog and tiredness, then I know I can use IP as a tool to get back on track before I have to go back to where I have been. The biggest challenge is eating more. I know this sounds crazy, but eating good food consistently is hard, but I know what my go to foods are by eating off our IP food sheet!

-What have been some of your favorite Ideal Protein foods?

I love the shakes!  I love all of the flavors. They are my go-to when I am working or need a healthy breakfast in the morning when I am on the go. I also loved chocolate puffs, raspberry gelatin, and my favorite snack in the evening instead of dessert is a chocolate chip pancake as my daily snack.

-If you could give any advice to someone who was thinking about starting the program, what would it be?

You will love how you feel on this protocol after your body gets used to your new way of eating. Kristi is an amazing resource, and never feel like you can not reach out to her for a reset or help to navigate something that is coming up in your life. This program is for life and that is a good thing! It means you made a lasting change. In addition to myself, 4 of my family members have also completed the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol. It is a new way of eating, and we use the tools we learned during the weight loss phase to continue to make healthier choices. My husband and I still enjoy the Ideal Protein products for meal replacements or healthy snacks. In addition, we have been able to maintain the weight loss with check-ins and resets with Kristi. It has been a game-changer for our family!”

If you are interested in starting your Ideal Protein Journey, visit our website or call us at 804-288-8361 ext 150!

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