Ideal Protein

Bremo Pharmacy is now offering a medically managed weight loss protocol!

Invest In You!

What is Ideal Protein?

The Ideal Protein Protocol is a 3-phase approach to losing weight and learning how to keep it off.  With your very own personal Ideal Protein coach, you will be motivated to reach your health and wellness goals with weekly meetings–in person or virtually– and be medically monitored by your physician and our pharmacist. From day one, we will empower you to learn healthier habits and help you to understand how to make good choices, which will improve your health forever.

Reset body to BURN FAT and lose the WEIGHT.



Benefits to Ideal Protein’s Protocol

70% of U.S. adults are considered obese or overweight.  Health can be adversely impacted by extra weight.  Studies have shown that obesity is related to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other health concerns.

  • The average weight loss is: 2.5 pounds per week for women and 3.5 pounds per week for men.
  • This is a muscle sparing protocol designed to target fat loss using ketosis while maintaining muscle mass.
  • The program may help with blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar issues.
  • Receive long-term weight maintenance and support from our team
  • Progress updates are sent to your physician throughout your journey
  • Have increased energy, confidence, and improved self-image.

Chris and Meredy’s Success Story

Chris and Meredy decided to go on their weight loss journey together.  Combined, they lost 120lbs and were taken off of medications for numerous health conditions.  Together, they are maintaining their weight loss with a brand new outlook on their diets and lifestyles!

Before Weight Loss         After Weight Loss
2014                                                                        2020

How to get Started

Step 1: Sign up for a FREE Ideal Protein Intro to Ideal Protein Webinar.

Step 2: Download and complete the Ideal Protein Health Profile and email it to us via our privacy compliant email.

Step 3: Our team of medical professionals will review your health profile and obtain approval from your physician. Its important to keep your providers involved on your journey!

Step 4: Once your health profile is approved from your physician, your health coach will contact you to set up your initial consultation!

Meet our team:

Kristi Leigh Taylor, CPhT, Authorized Ideal Protein Wellness Coach

Kristi has been with Bremo Pharmacy since 2005, and has experience at all of the Bremo Pharmacy locations. She loves working with her clients and educating them about Ideal Protein and its positive impact on their health. She is originally from Maryland and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Kristi danced professionally on Broadway in London, and taught ballroom dancing. When she is not working, you can find her and her husband at a baseball field, cheering on their two boys!



Meredith (Meredy) Ayers, CPhT, Authorized Ideal Protein Wellness Coach

Meredy has been with Bremo Pharmacy since 2004 in multiple roles. She followed the Ideal Protein Protocol between November 2019 and June 2020 and lost 70lbs! She is excited to share her experience and use it to educate current clients. When she is not working, Meredy enjoys spending time with her husband and two dogs and cheering on the VCU Men’s Basketball team!


Charmaine Miller, CPhT, Authorized Ideal Protein Wellness Coach

Charmaine has been with Bremo Pharmacy since 2016 and has enjoyed working for our independent pharmacy. Her passion for Ideal Protein is because of the proven progress and results delivered from the protocol that worked for her and her lifestyle. She is a working mom with no time to exercise but doing Ideal Protein was ideal for her. Ideal Protein helped her to change her lifestyle with discipline, conscious eating habits, and meal planning. A few things she enjoys during her free time are spending time with her family, cooking/eating, and traveling.


Brett Loehr, PharmD, Authorized Ideal Protein Wellness Coach

Brett graduated from Virginia Tech with degrees in fitness/nutrition, chemistry, and biology. He then attended MCV/VCU for pharmacy school and graduated in 2016. Brett enjoys recreational sports and all things exercise, traveling, going out with friends for a bite to eat at a local restaurant, and being able to spend time with his lovely wife, our 2 energetic dogs, and our beautiful daughter.


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