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Bremo Pharmacy @ Henrico Doctors is now offering a medically managed weight loss protocol!

7 pounds in 1 week! That’s IDEAL!
15 pounds in 4 weeks! That’s IDEAL!
47 pounds in 10 weeks! That’s IDEAL!


Bremo Pharmacy at Henrico Doctors’ is now offering a managed weight loss protocol.  You will have a certified health coach who meets with you one on one for weekly sessions and ongoing education, in a partnership with your physician.  It’s not just about losing weight,  it’s about getting your life back and achieving healthy outcomes.  You will not only be able to see results, but also be provided with valuable knowledge to help you sustain your results on a long-term basis.  So ask yourself… what is your why? What are you living for? And then imagine what you can do next! Register for our FREE informational sessions. Your journey to a healthier you starts today!

Protocol Basics

  • Ideal Protein follows a specific diet plan using a mixture of purchased protein products and quality supplements along with whole food prepared at home.
  • The program does not involve an exercise regimen
  • We offer weekly one-on-one coaching sessions with personalized weight and measurement progress analysis
  • There is a free online app with daily videos, recipes, progress charts, and meal tracking

Health Benefits

70% of U.S. adults are considered obese or overweight.  Health can be adversely impacted by extra weight.  Studies have shown that obesity is related to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other health concerns.

  • Available with approval from your physician to ensure safe weight loss
  • The average weight loss is: 2.5 pounds per week for women and 3.5 pounds per week for men.
  • This is a muscle sparing protocol designed to target fat loss using ketosis while maintaining muscle mass.
  • The program may help with blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar issues.
  • Receive long-term weight maintenance and support from our team
  • Progress updates are sent to your physician throughout your journey
  • Have increased energy, confidence, and improved self-image.



  • $150 covers consultation and all weekly coaching sessions
  • The program averages $4 to $5 per meal, starting with 3 Ideal Protein items per day.
  • You pay $90 per month for supplements
  • The program is currently not covered by insurance

How to get Started

  • Attend a free seminar
    (Click below to see upcoming courses)

  • Ideal Protein Seminars


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  • Download the Ideal Protein Health Profile and bring it with you to the seminar.
  • To speak to us about Ideal Protein, contact us at 804-285-7730


Hear how its changed the lives of our participants.

“Having gone through this process, I now feel empowered to manage food in my own way and actually be successful!”
                                                                              – Cassie J.

“I’ve tried so many diets, but this protocol really works!”
                                                                             – Bremo client

“I love it! The best results I’ve ever had!”
                                                                             -Bremo client

“We’re moms, we do so much for our kids…do this for yourself!”
                                                                             -Teresa S.


Meet our team:

Mary Curtis, PharmD
Mary is a pharmacist and is the clinic coordinator.  She has been working in a pharmacy since she was 15 years old and loves getting to know clients and their “why”. She has a strong family history of heart failure and has a passion for educating and helping others be their best self.  Mary is married and has a daughter and enjoys kayaking down the river, spending time with family and friends.

Kristi Taylor, CPhT
Kristi is one of our Authorized Wellness Coaches and a Certified Pharmacy Technician.  Kristi has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and danced professionally on Broadway in London, in addition to touring the United States . She loves working with others and educating them on our services that will work for their individual needs.  When she is not working, you can find her at sporting events, cheering on her boys!


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