Sync Series: How to Transfer your Prescriptions to Bremo

What are the benefits of using Bremo Pharmacy?

Want to transfer pharmacies? We can help!

Let Bremo Pharmacy’s exceptional staff do the work for you. We pride ourselves on our customer service and providing the best pharmacy services to our patients. You can count on Bremo Pharmacists!

Call or visit Bremo Pharmacy and share with us some basic information:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Insurance
  • Contact information
  • The medications you are taking
  • Any allergies you may have

Then let us know the location or phone number of the pharmacy that you were previously using and we can do the rest of the work for you.

Have a New Prescription?

You can always bring a new prescription to Bremo Pharmacy

No refills? No problem!

  • Bremo Pharmacy can call your doctor for you
  • We can stay in touch with your doctor and keep your refills up to date
  • If an appointment is needed, we can notify you

Is it possible to transfer all medications?

  • Give us a call and we can find out which of your medications are able to be transferred
  • Most prescriptions can be transferred but there are a few that cannot

Need help picking up?

  • We can deliver your medications to you

Want all your meds to be refilled on the same day every month?

  • Enroll in our SyncRx program

It’s really that simple. Let Bremo Pharmacy be YOUR pharmacy!


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