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Thank you for making Healthy Leg Day a HUGE Success!

Bremo Pharmacy sponsored a Healthy Leg Day on March 16th and it was a HUGE success.  We would like to take this time to thank […]

Healthy Leg Day

March 16, 2017 Bremo Pharmacy is hosting Healthy Leg Day.  Tired, Achy, Swollen Legs or Ankles?  Unsightly Veins?  Foot Pain?  Please join us on March 16, […]

VIM & VIGR: Fashionable Compression Socks  

Compression socks are becoming more and more popular due to their variety of uses and great benefits to leg health. These socks are specially designed […]

Rxight™ and Pharmacogenetic Testing

Pharmacogenetic testing is a new area of medicine that looks at how your genes and genetics affect how your body responds to medications. Understanding your […]

Holiday Sugar Rush

Do you find it more difficult to manage your blood sugar levels during the holidays? Living with diabetes can be hard during the holidays, but Bremo […]

Who Should Take A Multivitamin?

Over 50% of Americans take a multivitamin or some sort of vitamin supplement daily.  Research has given us conflicting answers on whether vitamins are beneficial.  […]

Stay Healthy This Cold & Flu Season

With cold season coming, follow these easy tips to prevent getting sick: Tip 1: Wash your hands! Hand washing is the most effective and best […]

How to Use and Wear Compression Stockings

What are compression stockings?  Compression stockings (also known as compression hose, pressure stockings, support stockings, and gradient stockings) are special stockings designed to improve blood […]

7 Simple Steps to a Healthy Heart

  Heart Disease and Stroke are leading causes of death in America. What if you had a road map to help keep your heart healthy […]